Situation Excellent

They dreamed because that is what young men do, dream of things to do. Mountains were good for dreaming, heads closer to the clouds, eyes nearer the stars.

The Gates of Hell

Oak Town had tried to mitigate the flooding problem by opening up the gates that allowed Crystaline Lake to drain into the Ramapage River. Opening the gates would lower the lake and prevent the lake from flooding into people’s home. It was good in theory, but its still needed more practice.

A Tale of Two Quacks

It was in the last chapter, which was neither written nor published, where we recounted the efforts of Gary GuLabel to bring about some changes in the land of Oak Town through the election of a new mayor. It was an historic feat, that no one in Oak Town expected, except a band of Oak [...]

Two Speechless Acts

The anointment of the Oak Town Recreation Commissioners was a traditional ritual that had been conducted in the same manner for over a hundred years with little change.

We’re Just Older Part II

This is Part II, the conclusion to “We’re Just Older”.

We’re Just Older Part I

The idea came from a post on MyOaklandNJ that said the new council swearing-in ceremony might be moved from town council chambers to the senior center – I took it from there and built on it.

The Forgiveness Bypass

This is a story about two feuding neighbors in the fictional suburb of Oak Town

His Boyfriend’s Girlfriend

So, we were out at dinner and laughing about something, and I thought it would make a funny title for a story – but I had no story. Think I still don’t have a story. But anyway, I tried to make one up to fit the title I had for a story that did not exist.

Space Aliens in Oakland

This is a little video the kids and I put together……..It was inspired by reports of the “crop circles” where aliens have allegedly landed…,,and yard work

The Greatest Prize

It gets boring blogging about Oakland politics, so this is a fictional piece set in Oak Town. It mixes the styles of Dr. Seuss and Flannery O’Connor. It’s a pretty short story in the old school style of having a meaning behind it. The plot revolves around the greatest prize in Oak Town – winning the mayoral election.