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So, last week was the victory of the sink. The lever for the kitchen sink had been acting up for a couple of weeks….actually for a couple of years …But recently it had gotten to the point of leaking a lot at the base whenever it was used.

Finally, Caron asked that I fix it…Not so much because of the leak, but because it had actually stopped working all together — couldn’t get any water out of it.

With some WD40, some help from the local hardware folks, a lot of cursing and sweating, I managed to yank out the guts and put in new guts….Victory, better than new….

So, I got inspired to deal with our family library which was basically stored in boxes in a closet, in a space that no human except for me was fit to enter….which I rarely ever did.

$30 later, we have a homemade bookcase that stretches the wall, from floor to ceiling, and a lot of books that had been suffocating are now breathing free.

I have not really read a book for pleasure, for inspiration, or for edification in a long time, and am pretty excited to realize – a couple of kids later – that I actually did.

It’s not the greatest bookcase in the world, but for $30 it holds a lot of books…..

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