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So, last week was the victory of the sink. The lever for the kitchen sink had been acting up for a couple of weeks….actually for a couple of years …But recently it had gotten to the point of leaking a lot at the base whenever it was used.

Finally, Caron asked that I fix it…Not so much because of the leak, but because it had actually stopped working all together — couldn’t get any water out of it.

With some WD40, some help from the local hardware folks, a lot of cursing and sweating, I managed to yank out the guts and put in new guts….Victory, better than new….

So, I got inspired to deal with our family library which was basically stored in boxes in a closet, in a space that no human except for me was fit to enter….which I rarely ever did.

$30 later, we have a homemade bookcase that stretches the wall, from floor to ceiling, and a lot of books that had been suffocating are now breathing free.

I have not really read a book for pleasure, for inspiration, or for edification in a long time, and am pretty excited to realize – a couple of kids later – that I actually did.

It’s not the greatest bookcase in the world, but for $30 it holds a lot of books…..

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  1. Nice job! I feel the same sense of accomplishment when I assemble a piece of IKEA furniture. Having words on the directions would be helpful, but as they are reaching a worldwide consumer, words I guess would be pointless…except if you have no idea what you’re doing.

  2. Nice job Charlie! I know the feeling all too well. Since I couldn’t get my buddy to finish the patch job on my ceiling, I finished it and then fixed the garage door and the door leading from the garage to the house (no more vice-grip doorknob) and am moving onto the various other unfinished projects in the house. All with the help of the good guys at Oakland Hardware (shameless plug here).

  3. Thanks, the flash from the camera light makes everything standout…it looks nicer in some dim lighting….but hey don’t we all.