Family Martyrs

I think it’s something that infects a lot of families – or perhaps I should say impacts.

The classic scenario of ‘family martyr’ is in the sibling rivalry that extends into adulthood with, “He was always the favorite.” But in many cases it goes much further, it becomes almost a competition as to who’s childhood sucked the most. Who’s the biggest martyr?

Let’s be honest, the Brady Bunch, the Partridge Family, Donna Reed, Father Knows Best, The Cosby Show…they all reflect what we want, not really who we are.

Nobody is perfect, and some of us are a lot less perfect than others, so the family martyr syndrome has plenty of fertilizer to help it grow. What I wonder about these days, as I swiftly close in on the half century mark, is when does it end – does it end?

It’s funny how we cannot remember so much of what occurred in childhood – but the memories that exist can be as clear as day, as if they happened yesterday.

I would like to see a television show where adult children – guess I should say siblings who have reached adulthood – get together and bitch & moan about their childhood. A reality TV show to see who can be the biggest martyr.

Viewers at home could chime in via Facebook, Twitter, etc, and help vote on who’s childhood sucked the most.

It could be really entertaining…. especially when it’s not your family….

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